FDM ABS Thermoplastic

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For ESD-Safe Applications

ABS-ESD7 is an ABS thermoplastic with static dissipative properties for applications where a static charge can damage products, impair their performance or cause an explosion in a flammable environment.

Cost-Effective ESD Performance

Leverage the versatility of ABS and the reliability of FDM to lower the cost and speed the production of jigs, fixtures, prototypes and production parts that need the security of ESD protection.

Typical applications.



Functional prototypes for electronic testing



Jigs and fixtures for electronic component assembly


Production Parts

Low-volume parts for industrial equipment and electronics

Performance Properties

Printer Compatibility.


Handle your most demanding manufacturing needs with a 3D printer that was built to work big.

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Fortus 450mc

Build parts in materials you’re familiar with, but with advanced complexity and high requirements.

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Fortus 380mc

Produce complex parts more efficiently to meet manufacturing demands.

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Shorten lead times while producing complex parts with flexibility and accuracy.

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ABS-ESD7 data sheet PDF
ABS-ESD7 safety sheet PDF
ABS-ESD7 material guide PDF
Materials Testing Procedure PDF
Electrical Properties of ABS-ESD7 PDF

Jigs and Fixtures Made Simple

Create jigs and fixtures faster, while lowering the cost of production.

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Production parts

Produce low-volume, customized production parts on-demand, without the high cost and long lead times of traditional manufacturing.

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