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Götz Maschinenbau solves supply chain setback with the H350.  

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson 12月 21, 2021
12月 21, 2021

The current state of the supply chain.

As many people around the world have personally experienced, the pandemic has delayed supply chain shipments. This ranges from car chips to key building materials, all the way to long-awaited holiday gifts. In addition to these issues, an unbelievable event in March 2021 caused an even greater disruption. This was when the Ever Given container ship became stuck in the Suez Canal.

An important shipment impacted by the Ever Given.

Philipp Götz, CEO of Götz Maschinenbau, a mechanical engineering company based in Germany, was approached by one of his customers for assistance. Eighty of their large housing parts were stuck on the Ever Given ship and they needed to deliver completed machines to their customer.



The H350™ 3D printer to the rescue.

Götz chose the H350 3D printer for this job due to SAF technology’s high part consistency and geometric accuracy. Although the volume of the parts was quite robust, measuring at 280 x 160 x 100mm, printing with SAF utilizing High Yield PA11 polymer powder promotes part strength and durability. The impressive, reproducible part quality is demonstrated throughout each of Götz’s builds. The short turnaround time of the H350 allowed Götz to accelerate production and complete this order efficiently in only two weeks.

H350 printer front.
H350 printer front.

Deadlines kept and business back on track.

After printing, Götz dyed the parts to resemble the original housing parts. SAF technology ensured that none of the parts were affected by warpage. Götz’s customer was extremely pleased with the outcome and confirmed that the parts fit perfectly. They were able to provide these parts to their customer in time and meet tight deadlines.


With the H350 powered by SAF technology, no delay can affect production, not even a 400m-long (1,300ft) container ship wedged in a canal.