drill jig, printed with Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber

Drill jig, printed with Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Material

Now you can build high-performance prototypes with FDM that stand up to the rigorous testing required of production parts during the design verification process. Nylon 12CF, a carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic, meets the demanding needs of the production environment, allowing the replacement of metal tooling for applications such as forming and end-of-arm tooling.  Contact us today to learn how you can use this material for your unique applications.

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“Stratasys Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber parts can be printed faster, with superior stiffness-to-weight performance and with better repeatability than any other 3D printing technology or vendor we’ve seen.”

Ashley Guy, President & CEO, Utah Trikes

FDM Nylon Carbon Fiber

3D Print with Carbon Fiber

Stiff and lightweight material opens new prototyping and production opportunities

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Tooling Brief

Get the strength of metal tooling without the cost or weight

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