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the road ahead

Industries predicate their continued success on progress and innovation. The automotive industry is no different. From the days of Henry Ford creating the assembly line to the invention of the electric car, the automotive industry has thrived because of a commitment to progression. There's a new innovation happening in the automotive industry, 3D printing. With the next logical step in the automotive industry being the newly leading impact of interior design, 3D printing will be implemented into assembly for fast, up-to-date designs that will sway customers toward purchase.

Over the next nineteen pages, we will be discussing the impact 3D printing will have on the future of the automotive industry. We will cover where the automotive industry is heading, road-blocks to design, the engine of innovation, the Stratasys J750's role, applications for rapid prototyping in the automotive industry, and the value Stratasys's technology will have in your rapid prototyping process. Download the whitepaper to learn more.