Japan (日本語)
Japan (日本語)

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Date: May 13th


Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT


Location: Online



  • Stephan Chomyszak, Mechanical Engineering - Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Michael Lawrence, Engineering Technology - Queensborough Community College
  • Jesse Roitenberg, Education Segment - Stratasys


There isn’t a single “best” solution. 3D printing is an alternative to CNC that opens the door to more options and new capabilities. Step inside a well-equipped shop and you will see CNC mills sitting side-by-side with 3D printers. Shouldn’t your school be a well-equipped shop? Shouldn’t your graduates have the insight to what makes these processes different, the combination creates a workflow where the best solution is always available?


Step into two different schools and learn what they have in their manufacturing centers, how they are teaching it and what the benefit is to their students.