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Amenda Peled
Amanda Peled 3月 01, 2022
3月 01, 2022

Stratasys introduces a new water-soluble support material, WSS™150, for two PolyJet™ 3D printers – the Stratasys J35™ Pro and Stratasys J55™ Prime. WSS150 allows users to remove the support material from their prints easily and hands-free using tap water or a conventional dishwasher with no additional chemicals.

The new support material allows designers to create prints with delicate, complex structures or with intricate details and channels without worrying how the support materials will be removed. WSS150 also is ideal for high-volume production as multiple prints can be cleaned simultaneously and hands-free as opposed to handling and post-processing each print individually. To remove the support material, prints can simply be submerged in tap water, or for faster support removal, prints can be placed in a professional or conventional dishwasher.

“We were very impressed with the parts that we have printed and cleaned using WSS150," says Brian Tempest, CEO of Tempest Tool & Machine Inc., a specialty machine shop located in North Vernon, Ind. “Some of the parts were extremely hard to clean with other supports and required hours of manual work. Using the WSS150 we have cleaned very complex parts without effort, overnight.”

The J35 Pro and J55 Prime 3D printers allow users to produce prototypes, models and end use parts in an office environment. With the introduction of WSS150, users can now more easily integrate 3D printing into their workflow without the need for expensive, messy or cumbersome post-processing systems.

“WSS has allowed our customers to more easily adopt and integrate 3D printing into their design processes and workflow and has enabled us to further expand the in-office use and accessibility of 3D printing. Service providers can now manufacture and clean hundreds of parts simultaneously, with minimal labor and with a more environmentally friendly process,” says Oren Zoran, Product Group Director for Stratasys. “The ability to easily remove support material is especially crucial when engineers design complex parts with intricate areas, or when architects create designs with thin, small-scale and easily breakable elements that would require time-intense manual post-processing.”

WSS150 is now available, and you can learn more by visiting the webpage. Click here to learn more about Stratasys J35 Pro and J55 Prime 3D printers.