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Biocompatible Origin DM200: Stratasys’ New Universal Dental Material

Einav Halotzi
Einav Halotzi 11月 07, 2023
11月 07, 2023

As part of Stratasys’ ongoing commitment to offer our customers technology that streamlines their processes and improves their dental application production, we developed a universal, biocompatible resin suitable for dental models, surgical guides, denture try-ins and custom trays. The resin is compatible with the Origin One Dental, our manufacturing-grade 3D printer powered by P3 (DLP) technology. 

The Biocompatible Origin DM200 Difference 

Stratasys leveraged our years of expertise in producing 3D printing materials to create a low-viscosity, biocompatible material for the Origin One Dental. The Biocompatible Origin DM200 is the only resin currently in the market that is suitable for multiple biocompatible applications using a single resin tray, including dental models, surgical guides, denture try-ins, and custom trays. 

Simplifying Dental Laboratories’ Workflow 

Until now, when switching between applications, the printer operator was required to change the resin in the tray by removing the resin and cleaning the tray, a task that is both time-consuming and prone to errors, if the tray is not cleaned properly. Alternatively, the laboratory could purchase multiple trays to support multiple resins, which can become expensive. 

With Biocompatible Origin DM200, printer operators no longer need to replace the resin when switching between biocompatible applications. The operator can use the same resin in the tray to print dental models, surgical guides, denture try-ins, and custom trays. All five applications may be printed separately or on the same mix tray, which lowers operational time and material waste. Additionally, this low-viscosity material flows through the DLP system quickly, resulting in a quicker print time and higher throughput. This allows our customers to complete more print cycles in a day, lowering the lab’s cost per part without compromising accuracy and resolution.

Streamline production with Biocompatible Origin DM200.  

The Biocompatible Origin DM200 streamlines the production process to optimize time, materials and human expertise, all while creating new production opportunities for biocompatible applications on the Origin One Dental.