VeroUltraClear &
Transparent PolyJet Material

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For Prototyping Applications

VeroUltraClear simulates acrylic, achieving 95% light transmission of that material, and is useful for prototypes of glass, clear polymers, or transparent packaging

Higher Level Of Clarity

VeroUltraClear improves upon the past performance of VeroClear with a higher level of clarity, transparency and a lower yellow index.

Typical Applications


Packaging prototypes

Models using transparent windows, glass bottles, or other clear elements.


Eyewear or lighting component prototypes

Models simulating glass or clear polymers for eyewear or lighting


Medical or manufacturing applications

Models or parts that need to show fluid flow or internal mechanisms

Performance Properties

Recommended 24 hour exposure to photobleaching treatment for best results.

Light transmittance 85-92%, with a yellow index of .6-1.2.

Uses support structure SUP705 (water jet removable) or SUP706B (soluble)


VeroUltraClear data sheet PDF
VeroUltraClear safety data sheet PDF
VeroUltraClearS (J55) data sheet PDF

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