Japan (日本語)
Japan (日本語)

P3 Deflect™ 120

High-temperature photopolymer with good strength for functional parts, from Evonik INFINAM®.
Our first photopolymer from Evonik is a strong, heat-resistant material that addresses applications where a combination of high-temperature resistance and good elongation at break are crucial. P3 Deflect 120 has low viscosity and high green strength, which make it suitable for parts with challenging geometries such as wiring housings, connectors, or mold tooling. Available to order now in U.S, Germany, France and Italy.
Key Benefits
  • check High HDT, 121°C (250°F) with good elongation at break
  • check Very stiff and high green strength
  • check Easy to print + single component material
  • check Color: Black


origin one 3d printer

Origin® One

幅広い高性能材料によって最終部品の柔軟な生産が可能になる、革新的な3Dプリンタ。プログラマブル光重合化P3™テクノロジーにより、業界最高水準の精度、一貫性、精巧さ、スループットを 実現 できます。3Dプリンティングの新時代に備えよう。


This is also compatible with 385 and 405 nm open DLP and LCD printers