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21 資料が見つかりました。
Banner Origin One trytrec CS Case Study
Accuracy and Design Freedom Expedite Medical Devices Innovation
March 26, 2024

TryTec, a small medical device manufacturing company based in Japan, designed its first endoscopic device, Opyls, with Stratasys DLP technology. Read more

Great Western Railway Train on Tracks Case Study
New Life for Old Rolling Stock
February 20, 2024

Read our new case study to learn how GWR uses 3D printing to bring sustainability to the rails.

WB P3 Techno Web Banner preview Case Study
Techno achieves mechanical and finish quality comparable to injection molding with P3™ DLP 3D printing
February 07, 2024

Stratasys helps Techno Lab develop functional prototypes faster and more flexible, while meeting the required electrical-mechanical regulations. Learn more

Presspart Production Case Study
H&T Presspart achieves injection-molding precision and quality for pharmaceutical components with P3™ DLP technology
February 01, 2024

Read how Stratasys P3 technology and materials helped H&T Presspart to achieve injection-molding precision and quality for pharmaceutical components.

Valiant site image Case Study
Staying agile and flexible with the right 3D printing solution
October 26, 2023

Valiant TMS tested and evaluated on their Origin® One 3D printer elastomeric materials, which previously proved tricky to do in other technologies. Read the results.

Valiant TMS Use Case Header Image Robots Case Study
P3™ DLP テクノロジー: 自動車Aピラー用ラッチ・ツール・ハンドル
July 20, 2023

航空宇宙および自動車産業向け生産オートメーション・システムを牽引するValiant TMS社が、P3 DLP 3Dプリンタの技術を活用して、滑らか、かつ人間工学的なAピラーラッチ・ツール・ハンドルをどのように製作したかをご紹介します。Origin One 3Dプリンタで実現したコスト削減と造形時間の短縮、そしてDura56材料の利点をご覧ください。 この使用例の製造効率について、またオペレータにとっていかに快適であるかについて、お読みいただけます。

Case study from Valiant TMS, featuring the Origin One 3D printer. Case Study
Valiant TMS、Origin Oneでお客さまのニーズに対応
April 25, 2023

Valiant TMS社は、アディティブ・マニュファクチャリングを活用して生産オートメーション・システムを強化しています。Origin One 3DプリンタがValiant TMSの目標達成にどのように貢献したかをご覧ください!

Footwear being manufactured. Case Study
January 01, 2023

Learn how ECCO adopted the direct injection process to improve footwear manufacturing and selected the Origin One 3D printer. Origin One’s surface quality, print speed, accuracy, and ability to print large cross-sections stood out from the alternative solutions which ECCO tested. In addition, Origin works with leading resin partners to develop next-generation materials, which were also critical to ECCO’s needs. ECCO started working with the Origin team in late 2018.

Nissan Nismo Origin 3D printed grip Case Study
NISMOレース用の最終用途ステアリングをOrigin Oneで造形
May 09, 2022

Stratasys Origin One flexible production capability produces end-use parts for Nissan’s Super GT racing team

Protec Dental Laboratories and Origin One Dental. Case Study
Protec Dental Laboratories and Origin One Dental.
February 10, 2022

Learn how new technology boosted production and cut ongoing costs.

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