Now in white.

Agilus Black redefined what’s possible with a soft, robust material. Agilus White will do the same. Variable Shore values let you print a single part with different rigidity throughout. Simulate natural materials such as leather. And all with high tear resistance and elongation. No material is more adaptable.

Technical properties of Agilus30

Imagine it.
Print it.

Vivid Cyan is a new addition to our base material range, born from our partnership with Audi. This rigid, translucent material is the next step in hyper-real rapid prototyping. Leaving you to choose and match from an incredibly wide color palette.

Innovation in partnership with Audi

And firm.

VeroFlex is our new, unique, blended PolyJet material. Fast to print, it’s stiff, but flexible. Opaque and transparent materials let you maximize the J735 and J750 six color capacity. Go as complex as you like. Bring in natural textures. And cut the prototyping process by up to 90%.

See what’s possible with VeroFlex

Materials to suit every need.

Materials to suit every need.

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