Aaron Pearson
Vice President of Public Relations

A customer was considering a switch from a traditional manufacturing process to direct digital manufacturing, and he asked, "What material matches the properties of a glass-filled nylon (GFN) and can be used with the Stratasys FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process?" None of the materials available for FDM have properties with an exact match to GFN. However, ULTEM 9085,* (available on Fortus FDM systems )has similar material properties.  These similarities make it a good replacement material option for many applications.  

ULTEM 9085 is an extremely strong material with great rigidity, it's naturally lubricious, giving it good wear resistance and it is rated for high heat applications. The airplane vent shown is an example of a part built in ULTEM 9085 on a Fortus 3D Production Machine.  

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* ULTEM 9085 is a trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP BV.