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Neo® 3Dプリンタシリーズ対応材料


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ステレオライトグラフィー(光造形法) Neo Series 全てをクリア
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Somos® 9120™

With mechanical properties that mimic many engineering plastics, parts created from Somos® 9120 exhibit superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention and a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality.

Somos WaterShed XC 11122 Material
Somos® WaterShed® XC 11122

The Somos® Watershed XC 11122 stereolithography resin enables producing detailed parts with exceptional clarity & superior water resistance. See more

Somos® Taurus™

Somos Taurus brings the combination of thermal and mechanical performance that previously was not possible with stereolithography materials.

Somos® PerFORM Reflect™
Somos® PerFORM Reflect™

Somos® PerFORM Reflect utilizes patented new technology that reduces and can even eliminate the finishing work required by traditional materials

PerFORM somos material
Somos® PerFORM

Somos® PerFORM resin possesses excellent thermal & mechanical properties, making it well-suited for high-requirement. rapid-tooling applications. See more

Somos WaterShed Black
Somos® WaterShed® Black

With similar properties and processing to Somos® WaterShed XC 11122, Somos WaterShed Black is a stereolithography resin that produces rigid, tough parts in a true black color, with no need for painting. With its improved formulation, Somos® WaterShed Black has up to a 50% faster processing speed compared to other black SL materials, offering minimal finishing and more consistent processing over time. Somos® WaterShed Black also offers superior moisture and chemical resistance.

Somos BioClear Brai
Somos® BioClear™

Somos® BioClear is specially developed for use in medical applications, meeting the requirements for non-implantable limited body contact (<24hr) medical and dental applications.

Somos-Dmx-Sl-100 SL material
Somos® DMX SL™-100

Somos® DMX SL™ -100 is a durable and tough stereolithography material that enables production of complex, hollow composite parts in days thanks to a unique and cost-effective ‘dry removal’ process - and all with no compromise on quality and aesthetics.

Somos® EvoLVe™ 128

Somos® EvoLVe 128 is a durable stereolithography material that produces accurate, highly detailed parts and is designed for easy finishing

investment casting parts
Somos® WaterShed AF

Somos® WaterShed AF is a multi-purpose stereolithography resin that meets the requirements for investment casting patterns as it has been designed without antimony to address sensitivities in the casting of certain specialty alloys.As no antimony is used, patterns created with Somos® WaterShed AF leave much lower amounts of ash residue after burnout, reducing clean-up and speeding up mold production.

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Covestro Additive Manufacturing(旧DSM)とそのSomos®樹脂とのパートナーシップにより、ストラタシスのNeo 3Dプリンタは技術的に最も高度なステレオリソグラフィー材料の利用が認められています。

Somos®樹脂およびストラタシスのNeo 3Dプリンタは、プロトタイピング、ツーリング、マスターパターンなど、幅広い用途向けのSL部品を造形します。 Somos®樹脂は、コンセプト開発、機能試験、および高い熱たわみ特性が求められる用途向けのプロトタイプをプリントするのに使用できます。

Neo 3DプリンタによりSomos®樹脂でプリントされた部品は寸法的に正確で、優れた側壁仕上げと鮮明な機能解像度を備えています。 部品は手作業での仕上げをほとんど必要とせず、最大50%の時間節約になります。



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