A better way to make better prototypes

Every prototype starts with a vision for how the finished product needs to look, feel and function when complete. Designing is a process that transforms ideas into manufacturable goods and is often a road paved by technical realities and business compromises. Mitigating risk before investing in the manufacturing process is an important step to ensure market success.

Prove your design

Prove what works through extensive testing and sampling on true-to-life prototypes at the beginning, middle and end of a development cycle. Address design challenges early and trim time and money from product development. Get to market with speed and confidence with solid proof your design will succeed.

VC Gear Shifters

3D print multi-texture, multi-color parts in one print.

Accurate prototypes made with vivid color

The look of your product is critical to its success, which is why realistic prototypes are key to determining your product's true potential. 3D print in multiple materials and colors without sacrificing time for intricacy and complexity. Better communicate designs with vivid, realistic samples, and save on manual post-processing delays and costs. 

Test concept and fit with realistic, 3D printed prototypes.

Showcase your creativity

A 3D printer with true -color capabilities, texture mapping and color gradients creates prototypes that look, feel and operate like finished products, without the need for painting or assembly. Make more informed design decisions on form and function by printing multiple iterations at one time in vivid color. Meet ever-changing market trends and standards with unmatched product realism on the Stratasys J750 and J735, the world's only full-color, multi-material 3D printers.

J750 Printing

Make informed design decisions by printing multiple iterations at one time in full color.

“The Stratasys J750 has enabled us to completely streamline prototype production from several steps to only one. Previously we had to 3D print the parts, paint them by hand and then assemble each part to obtain the final prototype. Now we can produce a full-color, multi-material prototype in one single print, transforming the economics of our entire design process.”

Nacho Sandoval, AIJU

Create highly accurate, full-color prototypes

J750 Medical eBook

Make Ideas Vivid

Design with game-changing realism and versatility

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Be A Brand Standout

Validate product potential with realistic prototypes

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The Road Ahead

Speed designs to market with advanced 3D printing

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