製品を市場に投入するのに、従来の製造アプローチしかなかった時代は終わりました。製造を新たな視点で考えるときです。Industry 4.0の時代に、積層造形による製造が未来への扉を開きます。製造サイクルを短縮できます。最終アセンブリがシンプルになります。軽量で高強度の構造を造形できます。極めてリアルなプロトタイプを作成できます。かつてないほど競争力が高まります。


Lockheed Martin社、積層造形マネージャー、Brian Kaplun氏


See how team Penske uses carbon fiber and 3D Printing to accelerate production for race ready parts.

Make it strong with carbon fiber and other future-ready materials.

New additive manufacturing materials and filaments give you the strength and design freedom to bring your vision to life.

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3D Printed Color Lens

Make prototypes, like this automotive light lens, indistinguishable from the real thing.

Make professional, hyper-realistic prototypes.

Produce highly accurate, full-color prototypes in up to 500,000 colors, down to the Voxel.

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3D Printed Antero part

Use the F450 with new Antero PEKK-based material to create parts with high strength and superior dimensional stability.

Make it industrial strength for your most demanding production needs.

Whether you are creating a simple jig, end-of-arm effectors or outfitting your entire factory floor as you scale up production, you cannot afford to use anything less than industrial strength additive technology to meet your needs.

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