Celoplás 3D Printing Case Study

Celoplás Overcomes Traditional Tooling Challenges with FDM Additive Manufacturing

Formed in 1989 in Barcelos, Portugal, Celoplás is a developer and manufacturer of technical and precision components using injection molding and micro injection molding. The company services global industries including automotive, electronics, electrical, optics, construction and medical. To improve customer responsiveness, the Celoplás R&D team continually strives to optimize its production capability with new technologies and processes. In a bid to overcome three main limitations the team faced with traditional tool production – restricted geometric freedom, lead times and the weight of the tool itself – the company turned to a Stratasys FDM®-based Fortus 450mc™ 3D printer as a solution

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3D printed handling tool

3D printed handling tool for robotic arms enables complex geometries not achievable with CNC

"Now at the request of an engineer, we can redesign and 3D print a customized tool in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost, and have it implemented on the production line immediately"

Ana Cortez, Celoplás