3D Print Bureau of Texas社

3D Print Bureau creates intricate cardiac models.

3D Printed Jigs And Fixtures Solution Brief

Learn more in this solution brief about how 3D printed jigs and fixtures for a more profitable production for your factory floor.

3D Printing and the Surgical Planning Process | Stratasys

Experience how additive manufacturing drives success, helping you deliver faster and compete stronger from initial idea to production end use parts.

3D Printing Dental Solutions

Print multiple parts using multiple materials for different applications simultaneously.

3D Printing Learning Modules for the Classroom | Stratasys

Get a jump start on adding 3D printing technology to your classroom with step-by-step 3D printing project modules created by experienced instructors.

3D Printing Packages for Education

From engaging students, to STEAM career prep, to increasing speed, accuracy, and creativity in your lab, our 3D printing packages have everything you need.

3D Printing Project Ideas, Videos, and Lesson Guides

Use these 3D printing project ideas, videos, lesson guides, and design files to encourage creativity and sharpen your students’ 3D design skills.

3D Printing Real Elastomers and Other Thermoplastics White Paper

Learn about thermoplastics including TPU 92A and and get essential information regarding application fit and material characteristics in this whitepaper.

3D Printing: The Manufacturing Disruptor Ebook

Disruptive technology is good for business. Learn more about how 3D printing with additive technologies can help your business.

3Dプリンタに投資する理由 | ストラタシス

Justifying A 3D Printer Investment For Rapid Prototyping.

3DプリンティングSTEMプロジェクト | ストラタシス

Seven 3D printing STEM projects to do with your class.

3DプリンティングとCNCの比較 | ストラタシス

Comparing two rapid prototyping alternatives.

3Dプリンティングと歯科インプラント | ストラタシス

A new method to create surgical guides elevates the standards of care.

3Dプリンティングによる手術プラン作成 | ストラタシス

Identification of candidate procedures and resulting value.

3Dプリンティングの利点 | ストラタシス

How to transform your business today.

3Dプリンティングの現状と未来 | ストラタシス

Disruptive principles and development episodes.

3Dプリンティングを活用した臨床シミュレーション | ストラタシス

Review of published literature on 3D printing applications for medical education and training.

4D Printing Technology Project with MIT and Stratasys

In a collaboration between MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Stratasys education and R&D departments, a new process called 4D printing is being developed.

5つのベストプラクティス | ストラタシス

How innovative universities are incorporating 3D printing into the classroom.

5つの変革 | ストラタシス

Five Ways 3D Printing Is Transforming the Automotive Industry.

5つの理由 | ストラタシス

Top Five Reasons to Integrate PolyJet Technology into your Product Development Lifecycle.

A Buyer's Guide to 3D Printing in Dentistry

Outperform traditional dentistry with 3D printing technology. Download our Buyer's guide to learn how 3D printing can be a business growth opportunity.

ABS-M30材料の特性 | ストラタシス

Characterization Of Material Properties, FORTUS ABS-M30.

ACTE's Careertech Vision | Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2018 | San Antonio, TX

ACTE's Careertech Vision 2018, in San Antonio, is the premier gathering of CTE (Career and Technical Education) professionals. Join Stratasys at the Expo.

Additive Manufacturing for Aircraft Interiors Solution Guide

The Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution gives you a faster, simpler path for certifying additively manufactured parts for aircraft installation.

Additive Manufacturing for Excellence in Product Development | Stratasys

Four essential new product development objectives that can be achieved using additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping in manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing for Lower-Cost Tools | Stratasys

Moving from rapid prototyping to production applications in the automotive industry

Additive Manufacturing in Medical Device Development White Paper | Stratasys

Developing a medical device product line comes with many challenges. Download our white paper and learn how additive manufacturing offers unique solutions.

Additively manufactured composites offer unique advantages | Stratasys

Additively manufactured composites offer advantages that include greater design flexibility, decreased costs and production efficiency.


3D printers decrease Aerialtronics' design and development costs while catering to customization.


Children's product design simplified with full-color, multi-material 3D printed prototypes.


Improving cosmetic packaging and production with multi-material, color 3D printing.


A father's solution for his son turns into a breakthrough for prosthetics.

Antero 800NA 3D Printing Material Chemical Resistance

PEKK-based Antero 800NA is well suited for aerospace applications because of its strength, low outgassing properties and chemical resistance.

AP Racing 3D Printing Case Study

Learn how AP Racing gained efficiency by using the Stratasys J750 for innovative and advanced tooling applications and prototyping.

Arad Group

PolyJet technology propels high-requirement prototyping.

Artem社 | ストラタシス

U.K. prop agency 3D prints intricate mini model homes for hermit crabs in TV ad.

Askja Audio Additive Manufacturing Case Study | Stratasys

Read how Askja Audio uses 3D Printing via the Fortus 900mc to create an amplifier with no geometric limitations and without sacrificing sound quality.

Aurora Flight Sciences社

Stratasys partners with Aurora Flight Sciences to design and develop the worlds' first 3D printed jet-powered aircraft.

Bajaj Electricals社

FDM technology fast-tracks go-to-market plans for India consumer brand.

Balea Streamlines Prototyping Process Case Study

Balea Streamlines Prototyping Process with In-House 3D Printing

Be a Consumer Brand Standout

Be a Consumer Brand Standout White Paper

Bell Helicopter社

FDM helps Bell Helicopter build quality prototypes.

Beyond Products Webinar: How 3D Printing Drives Innovation

Join us for the Beyond Products Webinar to learn how 3D printing is innovating how we create products and how you can innovate your entire business.


3D Printing Improves Treatment for Thoracic Wall Tumors


The right technology provides the competitive edge.

Biomedical Modeling社

Biomedical Modeling Inc. case study

Bluefrog Design 3D Printing Case Study

Bluefrog Design used 3D printing to design a custom, lightweight, wearable solution to help change the life of a man with a rare medical condition.


BMW AG社のレーゲンスブルク工場では、FDM 3Dプロダクションシステムは車両設計段階でのプロトタイピング工程において重要な要素です。さらにFDM 3Dプロダクションシステムをダイレクト・デジタル・マニュファクチャリングなどプロトタイピング以外の分野や機能へと拡大しています。

Bone Daggers, FEA and 3D Printing Webinar | Stratasys

Join mechanical engineer and researcher Samuel Mills to learn about the study of bone daggers, FEA Analysis, and how 3D printing assisted his research.

Brooks Running社

Brooks Running steps up design validation with 3D printing.


Brudden perfects gym equipment using 3D printer.

Cardinal Glennon Open House

Thursday June 20th, 2019, join us at the 2019 SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital Open House

Cardiovascular Systems社

3D Printing's Versatility paves the way for medical advancements by Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Center for Advanced Design社

Design firm 3D prints to refine ideas with speed.

Certified 3D Printing at the Point-of-Care Webinar

Join us for the Certified 3D Printing at the Point-of-Care Webinar to learn the value of 3D printing in the surgical planning process using Materialise Mimics Inprint Software paired with Stratasys multi-color polyjet 3D printers .

China Eastern Airlines社

China Eastern Airlines explores additive manufacturing for aircraft maintenance.

Christie Digital Systems社

Christie Digital mixes 3D printing technologies to optimize products.

Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap With a 3D Printing Curriculum | Stratasys

This solution brief explores 3D printing solutions that prepares students for the technical workforce and highlights schools that are using the technology.

Congenital Heart Disease Case Study

Learn how a 3D printing heart model helps to plan complex surgeries

Congenital Heart Surgeons

Congenital Heart Surgeons

Connex Series Objet 1000 Operations August 14-16 | Stratasys

January 2019: training needed to successfully use key features of the insight software for the Fortus 380/450/900 3D Printer Operations Level 2.

Connex Series Objet 1000 Operations November 13-15| Stratasys

December 2018: training needed to successfully use key features of the insight software for the Fortus 380/450/900 3D Printer Operations Level 2.

Connex3 | ストラタシス

The versatility standard in 3D printing.

Customer Success Day

Make the most of your 3D printing investment with additive manufacturing (AM) training.

Dash CAE社

Dash CAE slashes lead times by 83% and builds fully functional parts and production tools for formula one.

Dassault Falcon | Stratasys

Dassault Falcon Jet and Stratasys partnered to determine the viability of using FDM technology for production-grade tooling in the aerospace industry.

Data Segmentation for Medical 3D Printing Application Guide

Download the Data Segmentation for Medical 3D Printing Technical Application Guide to learn how to create realistic models based on patient scans.

Dawood and Tanner 3D Printing Case Study

Planning surgery using a 3D printed model allows for minimally invasive procedures, reduced operation times and improved patient care at Dawood Tanner.

Design Considerations for FDM Additive Manufactured Tooling Guide | Stratasys

Manufacturing tools made with FDM technology offer multiple benefits over traditional tooling. Learn more in our Design Considerations guide.

Design for AM Webinar from Blueprint

Join David Busacker from Blueprint for this brief exploration into what’s well-understood (and what will always be a little bit mad) about designing for additive manufacturing.

Diversified Plastics社

Custom injection molder embraces 3d printing.


Dixon connects with 3D printing.


Dixon connects with 3D printing.

Dokuz Eylul University 3D Printing Case Study

3D Printing Improves Liver Transplant Pre-Surgical Planning for Dokuz Eylül University, which specializes in translational medicine, in this case study.

Download the Introduction to 3D Printing Curriculum

An introduction to 3D printing for careers in design and manufacturing. Download to access everything you need to teach a dynamic course in 3D printing.

Drive Dental Lab Growth with Multi-Material 3D Printing | Stratasys

Traditional dentistry prevents labs from meeting growing demand. Download to learn how digital dentistry supports growth efficiently without added costs.

DSK International Campus

3D printing empowers students to design innovate vehicles.


Motorcycle maker accelerates engine design with FDM prototyping.

DynaFlex - 3Dプリンティングの活用事例

DynaFlexは、J700 Dental 3Dプリンタがもたらす高出力、スケーラブルで優れた品質によって最適なクリアアライナー製作を実現。クリアアライナー市場で存在感を示し続けています。

Eckhart 3D Printing Case Study

Eckhart provides solutions that streamline harsh manufacturing environments via 3D printing to improve the life of the people tasked with running the line.

Elastomers 101: What You Need To Know About 3D Printing TPU 92A

Get a quick look into what elastomers are, how they are being used and what is possible with the TPU 92A™ 3D printed elastomer on the F123 in this webinar.

Elkamet Case Study

Quality is one of the core pillars driving the success at Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a German plastic part manufacturer


3D printing ensures custom rubber masking molds have proper form and fit.

exocad社 | ストラタシス

Seamless Integration of the exocad Model Creator with the Stratasys Eden260V 3D Printing System.


この3Dプリンティング製品ガイドでは、Stratasys F120がデスクトップのプリンターでは追いつけない一定した成果を提供する工業水準の3Dプリンティングを魅力的な価格で提供することについてご紹介します。

F900 PRO & ULTEM™ 9085 resin 3D Printing Solution Guide

Increase your additive manufacturing repeatability with the F900 PRO and ULTEM™ 9085 resin. Learn about manufacturing challenges, the upgrade, and how F900 helps.

FABTECH | Stratasys

North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event heads to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta in 2018. 


Complexity, cost, customization are key drivers in 3D printer evolution.

FDM 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Solution Brief

Learn how to get to market faster and work smarter, not harder with 3D printing via this FDM 3D printing rapid prototyping solution brief.

FDM for Composite Tooling 2.0 Design Guide

Reduce the time and cost to produce composite structures using tools made with FDM 3D printing technology and achieve dramatic efficiencies in production.

FDM Thermoforming Design Guide

FDM thermoform tooling is produced much more quickly, at lower cost than traditional metal tools. Customization is fast and changes can be made quickly.

FDMおよびPolyJet 3Dプリンティング | ストラタシス

Determining which is right for your application.

FDMサクリフィシャルツーリング | ストラタシス

Using additive manufacturing for sacrificial composite tool production.

Fortus 360mc/400mc | Stratasys

Fortus 360mc/400mc Accuracy Study.

Fortus 900mc | ストラタシス

Fortus 900mc Accuracy Study.

Freedom of Design In Your Business Webinar

Join us for the Freedom of Design In Your Business Webinar to learn how Stratasys enables additive manufacturing for companies to redesign their products, as well as their entire business strategy.

Future Motion Onewheel 3D Printing Case Study

Future Motion’s uses carbon fiber nylon 12 for functional prototyping structural parts on their Onewheel personal electric transportation vehicle.

GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace Achieves Significant Savings with Additive Manufactured Tooling and Prototypes


GKN driveline overcomes production downtimes with 3D printed manufacturing tools.

GrabCAD Print:ソフトウェアとクラウドで大きく変化する3Dプリンティング | ストラタシス

GrabCAD Print simplifies the traditional 3D print preparation workflow and provides intelligence around printer usage so your team can get quality prints, faster.

Guide to 3D Printing From Adobe Photoshop CC

The guide contains tips on when and how 3D printing is useful for artists and designers plus step-by-step instructions on printing from Adobe Photoshop CC.

Guide to 3D Printing Using Medical Scan Data

Create realistic models based on patient scans by converting DICOM data into 3D printable files. Download the how-to guide to learn more.

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust | Stratasys

3D printing Enables a Child’s Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Hager Group 3D Printing Case Study

The Hager Group uses 3d printing with the Fortus 380mc as a quick, flexible, design solution to cut tooling production time and costs.

Haier Molds社

中国最大の家電品ブランドであるハイアール・グループの子会社であるHaier Molds社は、試作用CNC工作機械など従来型の製造工程を使用してきたが、市場投入までの時間を最小限に抑えることと、より革新的なデザインを創造することを目的に、2012年にFortus 900mc 3Dプリンタを導入した。

How to Optimize STL Files for 3D Printing Guide

Avoid common mistakes and increase productivity with this STL file optimization guide. Create watertight models and edit without reverting to CAD.

In’Tech Industries社

Scalable, continuous production opens new opportunities for In'Tech Industries.


Aerospace engineering and manufacturing specialist Indaero offers industry leaders and suppliers design, engineering, tooling, welding and painting services. With in-house FDM 3D printing, Indaero can manufacture more complex tooling on demand, opening the door to rapid and cost-effective low-volume production for industry leaders like Airbus.


Korean design guru meets the Stratasys J750 3D printer.


iRobot case study


iRobot case study

Iverson Dental Laboratories社

Leveraging the accuracy of dental 3D printing for business success.

J700:クリアアライナー治療専用 | ストラタシス

The Stratasys J700 Dental is the only 3D printer optimized for out-of-the-box clear aligner production, capable of high output printing with no loss of quality.

J750 | 優れた才能を支援:世界で唯一のフルカラー、マルチマテリアル3Dプリンタで実現する、教育者と学生のための革新的な多様性とリアリズム | ストラタシス

The Stratasys J750 3D Printer is the first-ever full-color, multi-material system 3D Printer that addresses the needs of students and educators who want to focus on academic outcomes or research findings instead of worrying about inconsistent color results, rough finishes or messy processes from current 3D printing technologies.

J750:医療機器の開発の短期化から、救命手術プラン作成モデルまで | ストラタシス

Get a closer look at the Stratasys J750 3D Printer and how it makes an impact in virtually any industry and discipline.

J750:卓越したデザイン - 電子書籍 | ストラタシス

Get a closer look at the Stratasys J750 3D Printer and how it makes an impact in virtually any industry and discipline.

Jacobs Institute

3D Printing for Vascular Health, shaping breakthroughs in brain aneurysm treatments.

Jacobs Instituteの血管医療

Jacobs Institute Vascular Health case study


Jaguar land finds competitive advantage with multi-material 3D printer.

Jetta 3D Printing Case Study

Jetta delivers one-stop OEM services with 3D printing by using the Stratasys J750 3D printer in its product development to create realistic prototypes.

Jigs & Fixtures Material Selection Guide| Stratasys

3D printed jigs and fixtures make light work of tooling, fixtures and manufacturing aids on the factory floor. Use cases show this cost-saving, ergonomic way to implement 3D printed jigs and fixtures on the factory floor.

Jigs & Fixtures on the Factory Floor Solution Brief

3D printed jigs and fixtures make light work of tooling, fixtures and manufacturing aids on the factory floor that are cost-saving and ergonomic.

Joe Gibbs Racing

FDM carbon monoxide filter takes the heat.

Joe Gibbs Racingの計器類

Joe Gibbs Racing wins with custom Gauges.


3D printing architectural models halves the time and cost of stick construction.


Kratzer optimizes in-house fixture production with additive manufacturing.

KTJ Dental Technology Group

Denture manufacturer improves customer satisfaction.


High-end microscopes and medical devices designed with the help of 3d printing.


Voxel print technology enables fully customized facial animation.

Latécoère社 | ストラタシス

This eBook explores the game-changing versatility and realism for educators and students with the world's only full-color multi-material 3D printer


FDM reduces the time and cost required to develop unmanned aerial vehicle.

Leveraging the Strength of Carbon Fiber Solution Brief

Lower your factory floor costs and improve efficiency with high-strength 3D printing by leveraging the strength of carbon fiber.

Lockheed Martin Space 3D Printing Case Study | Case Study

Learn how a new 3D printing material in an ESD compliant polymer with higher thermal capability enabled Lockheed Martin Space 3D to print parts for the Orion.

Manufacturing Infographic

Learn how to meet your company’s Lean demands using additive manufacturing, with working examples from customers Liberty Electronics and BOOM Supersonic.

Manufacturing-Ready | Stratasys

Manufacturing-Ready White Paper

Märklin 3D Printing Case Study

Learn how Märklin, creator of lifelike model trains transforms its production line with 3D printed tools in this case study.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Case Study

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Soars With 3D Printing

Material Guide Selection for Factory Floors

Additive manufacturing allows users to address complicated factory-floor problems with simple, targeted tooling solutions. Use this material guide to tailor your manufacturing solution to the needs of your factory, employees or your customers.

MEDICA Trade Fair 2018 | Nov 12-15, 2018 | Düsseldorf, Germany

Discover how 3D printed models improve patient outcomes and hospital efficiency at the Stratasys booth at the MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Medtronic社 | ストラタシス

Medtronic Utilizes Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions For Medical Tools, Functional Prototypes Improve Design

Meet the experts at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 | April 2-4, 2018 | Hamburg Messe, Germany | Stratasys

Aircraft Interiors Expo is the global must attend event to see the latest ideas and innovations in aircraft interiors. Staged annually the show launched in 2000 in Cannes and has evolved throughout the years, moving to Hamburg in 2002. If you are involved or responsible for the purchase of cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment, connectivity, passenger experience and passenger services, this is the industry event you cannot afford to miss.

Mikkelsen Electronics社

Mikkelsen Electronics accelerates workflow with 3D printed low-pressure molds.

Milwaukee School of Engineering Students 3D Printing Case Study

Milwaukee School of Engineering students test new elastomer 3d printing material, working with industries to help businesses solve unique challenges.


Minimizer's tough semi fenders benefit from black ULTEM™ resin prototypes.

MOCAP Design社

Motion capture firm uses 3D printing to expand its helmet-mounted camera product.

Moog Aircraft Group

Moog Aircraft Group cuts fixture and lead times with FDM 3D printing.

Motus Motorcycles社

3D printing helps shape America's first sport-touring bike.


NASA's human-supporting rover has FDM parts.

New Product Launch Webinar | November 2018

An overview of new materials (Elastomer, Antero 800NA, and MED625FLX), software advancements and new technology for hyper-realism and 3D printed metal.

Nidek Technologies社

Nidek Technologies case study


NimroDENTAL transforms the way it practices orthodontics with 3D printing.

Orange County Choppers社

3D printing breathes life into OCC's dragon motorcycle.

Oreck社 | ストラタシス

Additive Manufacturing Reduces Fixturing Costs Up To 65 Percent at Oreck with Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions

Orthopaedic Innovation Centre

Orthopaedic Innovation Centre case study

Overcoming Challenges with TPU 92A and CAD

See how Center for Advanced Design (CAD) helped a amputee compete again in extreme snowmobiling

Pack Line 3D Printing

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Holon, Israel, Pack Line Ltd. (Pack Line) is a recognized world-leading manufacturer of packaging machines and supplier to some of the biggest names in the food, dairy and cosmetic industries. The company produces innovative linear, rotary filling and sealing machines, piston fillers and MAP systems that increase productivity and operating efficiency while lowering operating costs.

Paris Air Show 2019 | June 17-23, 2019 | Le Bourget, France

Come join Stratasys to learn more about 3D Printing in Aerospace at the International Paris Air Show, the largest and longest running aerospace trade show.

Parker Hannifin社

Automotive-filter maker tests PPSF prototype on V8 engine.

Partial Framework Investment Casting | Stratasys

Accelerate the production of your dental parts using 3D printing via partial framework investment casting using MED610 3D printed patterns.


Stratasys collaborates with Daihatsu to create customizable effect skins.

Peppermint Energy社

3D printing helps solar upstart deliver energy everywhere.

Plan Endovascular AAA Procedures with 3D Printed Models

Read how The Jacobs Institute uses 3D printed models to help surgeons plan for challenging AAA cases at Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute.

Plyform 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

Plyform Composites s.r.l uses 3D printing to raise the bar for aerospace production while increasing both speed and quality in this 3D printing case study.

Polaris Continues to Set the Pace Thanks to 3D Printing | Stratasys

With the help of 3D printing technologies, Polaris continues to set the pace in their industry and beyond. See how they continue to innovate with their latest case study.

Polaris Sets the Pace Thanks to 3D Printing

Read how Polaris is innovating with 3D printing from Stratasys.

PolyJet for Injection Molding Technical Application Guide

Product designers and manufacturers use 3D printed injection molds for functional testing that is accurate, fast and cost-effective.

PolyJet for Investment Casting Design Guide

Learn the best way to use additive manufactured patterns to reduce the time and cost of investment casting operations with this design guide.

PolyJet材料 | ストラタシス

A range of possibilities.

Premium Transmission社

Premium transmission serves the global engineering industry with FDM technology.

Production Tooling with Additive Manufacturing | Stratasys

This guide focuses on the business considerations for additive manufacturing (AM) usage in the production of tooling.

Professional 3D Printing Solutions Research Guide

In this 3D printing solutions research guide, you'll find technology and material comparisons, plus answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost to own.


3D printing breaks the mold.

Protec Dental Laboratories社

Purposeful innovation through 3D printing drives Protec Dental Laboratories' success.

Quadback 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

Quadpack, global manufacturer of beauty industry packaging solutions, enhances packaging design and production with full-color multi-material 3D printing.

Quality Electrodynamics社

Quality Electrodynamics, LLC case study

Rapid.Tech 2019 | June 25-27, 2019 | Messe Erfurt, Germany

Join Stratasys at Rapid.Tech 2019 to see the newest in additive technologies at the international hub for additive manufacturing.


RedDOT speeds production with FDM Nylon 12 prototypes and fixtures.

RedDOT社 | ストラタシス

RedDOT solves clients’ design problems with onsite functional prototyping.

Reinventing Composite Molding with Additive Manufacturing Case Study| Stratasys

See how those in a the aerospace industry are innovating with additive manufacturing.

Renato Archer情報技術センター(CTI)

CTI Renato Archer 3D prints prototypes of an accident victim's skull.

Role of 3D Printing | Stratasys

3D printing can be a key technology supporting Factory 4.0 transformation.

RSNA 2018 Annual Meeting | November 25-30 | Chicago, IL

The Radiological Society of North America’s 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting is scheduled November 25-30 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata社

RTM Ortopedia Personalizzata prosthetic molds achieve new fit with 3D printing.

Sacrificial Tooling Design Guide

In this 3D printing solutions guide, you'll find technology and material comparisons, plus hard-to-find answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost.

Santa Cruz Bicycles 3D Printing Case Study

Read how Santa Cruz Bicycles’ uses 3D printing for concept modeling, prototyping and tooling in developing a custom mountain bike with the Fortus 450mc.


SCES creates lifelike models and displays with 3D printing,

Schiner 3D Repro Case Study

3D Repro knew ultra-realism was key to securing customer interest to cost-effectively produce one-off customized models for its customers.

SEMA Show | Stratasys

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sense & Beauty Dental Clinic

Digital dentistry enhances service quality with 3D printing.

Shaping the Future of Air Travel | November 29, 2018 | Durham, NC

Industry leaders to develop materials and processes that are making 3D printed parts commonplace on aircraft and spacecraft.


Siemens AG in Karlsruhe uses 3D printing to develop innovative automation solutions for the production environment

SIEMENS Mobility RRX Rail Service Center | Stratasys

See how Siemens Mobility RRX Rail Service Center was designed to perfect digitalization for the rail and transport industry.


Stratasys FDM printing enables extended customer service offering and streamlined supply chain with SIEMENS.

Silgan Plastics社

FDM models reduce time to market for new spoonable zero-calorie sweetener.


Stratasys collaborates with Daihatsu to create customizable effect skins.

Smart Manufacturing Through Topology Optimization Webinar

Senior Engineering Consultant Dave Hayden discusses the steps involved in using Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing to save weight and cost.

Smoby Toys社

Toymaker cultivates imaginative playtime with the help of 3D printing.


Solaxis created an automotive assembly jig with 3D printing, cutting weight and improving accuracy.


Solaxis created an automotive assembly jig with 3D printing, cutting weight and improving accuracy.

Specialty Appliances社

Fast, accurate models drive orthodontic appliance development.


Streamlined manufacturing and increased flexibility at Spring SRL with FDM.



STARBASE Minnesota

STARBASE and dimension rocket elementary students design skills to new heights.


Discover how the world's leading manufacturers are driving production improvements and efficiency benefits from additive manufacturing.

Stratasys 3D Learning Center for Educators Webinar

Join us for the 3D Learning Center for Educators Webinar to learn how Stratasys makes it easy to teach with our 3D learning center content.

Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator

Smart. Scalable. Reliable. That’s what’s next in 3D manufacturing.

Surgical Implant 3D社

PolyJet technology opens new doors for Surgical Implant 3D.

Surgical Planning

With Patient-Specific 3D Printed Medical Models

Swift Engineering社

Swift Engineering社は、サクリフィシャルツールのアプリケーションに3Dプリンティングを採用することで、生産を効率化。

Syqe Medical社

Creating an advanced drug delivery system at breathtaking speed.



Tecnun Motorsport 3D Printing Case Study

Student design team, Tecnun Motorsport reduces carbon fiber intake manifold weight by 60% with Stratasys 3D printed soluble cores.

The 3d Printing Advantage White Paper

Meet today’s business challenges head-on with the strategic use of 3D printing to improve your workflow and set your laboratory apart from the competition.

The Hospital for Sick Children 3D Printing Case Study

SickKids uses 3d printed models that are anatomically accurate, can mimic various pathologies, and provide true haptic feedback for surgeons-in-training.

The Right Materials | Stratasys

The Right Materials White Paper

The Road Ahead: Rapid Prototyping in the Automotive Industry

Learn how to capitalize on 3D printing to innovate, customize, iterate, and stay ahead of the curve via rapid prototyping and 3D printing.

Thogus Products社

61-year-old company re-invents itself with FDM.


Material strength saves time, cost, drives innovation.

Toy State International社

PolyJet and latest FDM technology working together.

Transforming the Medical Device Industry Solution Brief

Accelerate innovation with 3D printing for the medical device industry to saving cost and time to market. Download our solution brief to learn more.


3D printing builds tough injection molds fast.

Udell Dental Laboratory社

Dental lab reduces material cost of partial denture frames 75% with Stratsys 3D printer.


Consumer goods giant Unilever iterates 50 percent faster with 3D printing.

University Hospital Basel Case Study | Stratasys

Learn about the innovative ways the University Hospital Basel is using 3D Printing for Advanced Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.

Unlocking Innovation with Voxel Print

Achieve the impossible with GrabCAD Voxel print on the Stratasys J750.

Unlocking the Potential of Embedded Functionality with 3D Printing | Stratasys

Experience how additive manufacturing drives success, helping you deliver faster and compete stronger from initial idea to production end use parts.

UPSA 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

Learn how UPSA is spurring pharmaceutical manufacturing innovation with 3D printing, saving on manufacturing costs and reducing their stock of parts.

Utah Trikes社

Utah Trikes rolls cost-effective customization with the FDM Nylon 12CF.

UTC Aerospace Systems社

UTC Aerospace Systems improves production with 3D printing.

VER社 | ストラタシス

3D Printing enables coveted camera angle.

Vulcan Custom Dental社

Vulcan Custom Dental finds immediate, cost-effective solutions with 3D printing.

Waters Corporation社

This case study shows how Waters Corporation cut their prototyping time while refining the design process using PolyJet 3D printing technology.

Western Tool & Mold社

Western Tool & Mold pairs existing resources with 3D printing.

What to know before investing in 3D printing.

This short webinar details what you can expect when considering buying an FDM 3D printer in the industrial grade category of 3D printers.

Xerox Thermo社

Xerox Thermo case study


3D printed punch speeds production of specialty Xerox printer.


Zipper manufacturer YKK cuts product development time with PolyJet 3D printing.


IRIS Ohyama uses multiple 3D printing platforms to speed up product development.

アジア太平洋 | ストラタシス

Soaring potential of manufacturing applications and material advancement.


3D printing boosts a Minnesota districts K-12 learning.


Victoria University of Wellington pushes students with 3D printing.


The University of Wollongong uses several kinds of 3D printers to innovate its research.


Embry-Riddle RobotX challenge submarine rises to the challenge.


Old Dominion University uses 3D printing to complete at national competition.


OTH Regensburg students bring concepts to life with 3D printing.


King’s College Hospital uses 3D printed for complex cases.


Queen Elizabeth Hospital saves time, cost, while improving patient outcome.


Grant helps community college get world-class 3D printing lab.


University Hospital Osijek, Croatia case study


Sears think[box] at Case Western Reserve University encourages ingenuity.


Students take hold of their future through inspiration and collaboration.


3D printing helps Thermos lead it's industry.


High School students use digital manufacturing to build flying camera for NASA.


Savannah College of art and design leads with automated 3D printing.


サントリーMONOZUKURIエキスパート株式会社が、ストラタシスのPolyJet方式3Dプリンタ「Objet Eden 260VS」を導入することで如何にして試作評価期間を劇的に短縮し、さらにペットボトルデザインの完成度を高めたのか?


FDM direct digital manufacturing saves $800,000 and three years development time over a four-year period.


イスラエルのネタニヤにある製品開発を手掛けるシナジー社は、Stratasys J750 3Dプリンタを導入し優れたアイデアの試作化に加え大量生産やマーケティングに適した製品に変貌させ、クライアントから頼りにされています。


Researchers explore groundbreaking design at a microscopic scale with GrabCAD Voxel Print.


3D printing opens the door for bionic arms for children in need for under $350.


Stratasys collaborates with Daihatsu to create customizable effect skins.


ダンウッディ・カレッジ・オブ・テクノロジーは、3Dプリンティング教育で学生に今後求められるスキルや理論的知識を提供し、さらに大学 に設置されている3Dプリンタを使って、広範囲におよぶ実践的な体験型学習を行います。


Dante Pazzanese Cardiology Institute uses 3D printed arteries to diagnose and treat diseases.


3D printing brings career readiness and funding to California students.


UT Dallas uses 3D printing to help detect sports conclusions.

デザインの有効性検証 | ストラタシス

Demonstration of an Effective Design Validation Tool for 3D Printed Injection Molds (3DPIM).


3D printed TransRoPorter supports space exploration.

トップ戦略 | ストラタシス

Top Tactics to Secure Funding for your 3D Printer.




トレック社は、Objet 3Dプリンタを使用して新製品の開発サイクルを短縮しています。




Cross-curricula work establishes a new standard of patient care using 3D printing.


The Smart lab at SUNY New Paltz.


SUNY New Paltz smart lab connects businesses, students, and community.


3D printed "exoskeleton" let's a little girl lift her arms and play.


University of Pavia 3D prints vital details for surgeons.


Three dimensional world opens up to Purdue University students.


Foothill College students 3D print exoskeleton arms for preschooler.


Prince of Wales Hospital case study


Students at Boston University solve real-world problems using 3D printing.


自動車業界における革新の模範として絶大な信頼を得ている、長距離トラックの製造を専門とするボルボ トラック社は、時間を94%削減しながら製造および組立て用の強靭なツールを生産することを目的として、多くのツールをFortus 3Dプロダクションシステムでプリントしています。




Interdisciplinary learning on advanced technology strengthens STEM at Marlborough High School.


German hospital improves life-saving vascular surgeries with 3D printed patient models.

メーカーコモンズ | ストラタシス

How 3D printing transformations real-world design and production challenges into learning.


3D printing helps students create the missing piece.


3D printing gives students real-world experience creating self-balancing scooter.

ラピッドマニュファクチャリング | ストラタシス

With FDM in jig and fixture construction.


Lancaster University case study


リコーインダストリー株式会社の東北事業所では、大型のプロダクション・プリンタと呼ばれる製品を製造しており、ストラタシスの3DプリンタFortus 400mcとFortus 900mcを使い治具を作製したことをきっかけにして、生産ラインの大改革につなげている。


Students use 3D printing to prepare experiment for space station.

内製と外注 | ストラタシス

Six business advantages of owning an in-house 3D printer.

内製と外注 | ストラタシス

Six business advantages of owning an in-house 3D printer.

医療の発展 | ストラタシス

Application and guidance on material selection.

医療産業での3Dプリンティング | ストラタシス

3D printing materials let medical designers work in new ways.

商品倉庫の代替としての可能性 | ストラタシス

Is 3D printing spare parts on demand a realistic business model?

多彩な色と 複数の材料を さまざまな分野で活用。 | ストラタシス

Exploring diverse applications for full-color, multi-material 3D printing in education.

完璧な歯科治療の実現 | ストラタシス

Perfecting Dental Treatments Via 3D Printed Models & Removable Dies.

実践学習 | ストラタシス

How 3D printing delivers real-world design and production challenges to students in the classroom.

射出成形の代替としての3Dプリンティングの可能性 | ストラタシス

Is 3D Printing parts a viable alternative to injection molding?


Hong Kong Polytechnic University uses 3D printing to improve eye orbital implant surgery.

念には念を入れて - プロトタイピングの重要性 | ストラタシス

FEEL LUCKY? Then Go Ahead & Cut Prototyping in an Uncertain Economy.

抗菌コーティング | ストラタシス

Water-based antimicrobial coating for 3D printed medical devices.

最終パーツ | ストラタシス

Transform Manufacturing By 3D Printing End-Use Parts.

未来の才能を磨く | ストラタシス

Innovate at the speed of thought with the Shaping The Talent of Tomorrow White Paper

未来を成形 | ストラタシス

The next era of globalization with 3D printing.





歯科インベストメント鋳造 | ストラタシス

Increase cast frame production through digital printed technology and Nobilium's Cadvest.

歯科矯正と3Dプリンティング | ストラタシス

Achieve optimal performance through digitation.

水溶性コア | ストラタシス

Stratasys Soluble Cores Functional Testing.

治具、固定具、およびその他の製造ツールの3Dプリンティング | ストラタシス

How to raise an extreme reduction in time and cost by making your custom manufacturing tools via 3D printing.

治具と固定具 | ストラタシス

Production tools without tooling deliver real value to manufacturers with 3D printing.

滅菌 | ストラタシス

Sterilization of FDM-Manufactured Parts.

熱可塑性樹脂| ストラタシス

When materials stability and long-term performance is paramount.


Enhancing physical training on complex prodedures.

生産現場の傾向 | ストラタシス

Justifying additive manufacturing through jigs and fixtures.

砂型鋳造 | ストラタシス

Sand Casting Applications Using Rapid Prototyping Technology.



積層造形:技術導入を推し進めるビジネス原動力 | ストラタシス

This eBook explains the fundamentals of 3D printing and how this technology has the power to radically improve your business.

積層造形コンポジットの持つ特徴的なメリット | ストラタシス

Additively manufactured composites offer advantages that include greater design flexibility, decreased costs and production efficiency.

積層造形と従来の製造方法 | ストラタシス


積層造形によって製作されたコンポジットツーリング | ストラタシス

High performance thermoplastics offer efficiencies and design flexibility.


近年、筑波大学は文部科学省から委託を受けたチーム「ニッポン」マルチサポート事業研究開発プロジェクトで競技用具の研究開発を行っている。とくに2012年のロンドンオリンピックで銀メダルを獲得したフェンシングチームの用具開発にもストラタシスの3Dプリンタ Objet350 Connexが貢献した。

精密なプロトタイピング | ストラタシス

The role of 3D printed molds in the injection molding industry.

精度とは何か | ストラタシス

Don't make the mistake of confusing high resolution with accuracy.

耐薬品性 | ストラタシス

Adding Chemical Resistance to PolyJet Prototypes.

術前プランの作成 | ストラタシス

Implementing Preoperative Surgical Planning Using 3D Printing.

補助ツーリング | ストラタシス

FDM ancillary tooling for composite fabrication.

設計の革命 | ストラタシス

3D printing can help bring better products to market faster.

認定取得への道 | ストラタシス

Qualifying the first polymer additive manufacturing material for aerospace.

認定取得への道 | ストラタシス

Qualifying the first polymer additive manufacturing material for aerospace.

迅速な製造を可能にするための生産の最適化 | ストラタシス

Additive manufacturing technology is dramatically changing how things are made, and Fortus 3D Production Systems from Stratasys are at the forefront of this transformation.

限界を打ち破る | ストラタシス

How Stratasys F123 3D printers make rapid prototyping more accessible and productive.


FDM improves bioengineering research at KAIST Biorobotics Lab.

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