Helpful Information

To get the most from customer support, please have the following information ready. If you’re troubleshooting, be near the machine if possible.

  • System model and serial number
  • Controller and workstation software build numbers
  • Detailed description of any problem you are experiencing
  • Your partner, reseller or distributor name (if contacting us via email)

For advanced troubleshooting, please provide by email:

  • System CFG file, STL and/or CMB files
  • Detailed photographs showing the issue

We’re Here for You

North America

+1 800-801-6491 (toll free)
+1 952-906-2225
Email: FDM Technology Support
Email: PolyJet Technology Support
Email: Maintenance Contracts
Email: Material Orders

Europe, Middle East and Africa

For technical support:
+49 7229-7772-644
Email: EMEA Support
Email: Maintenance Contracts

Asia Pacific

+852 3944-8888
Email: Asia Pacific Support Info
Email: Maintenance Contracts

Latin America

+1 952-906-2225
Email: FDM Technology Support
Email: PolyJet Support
Email: Maintenance Contracts


PolyJet Support: +972 74-745-4400
PolyJet Materials: +972 74-745-4456
FDM Support: +972-3-9023902
FDM Materials: +972-3-9023902
For general information inquiries: +972 74-745-4300
Email: PolyJet Support
Email: PolyJet Material Orders
Email: FDM Support
Email: FDM Material Orders


+972 74-745-4396
Email: Worldwide Support

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Customer Support

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