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Ergonomic, Cost-Effective Automotive Tooling

Stratasys 3D printed automotive tooling gives automakers and suppliers a lightweight, cost-effective, rapidly deployed alternative to traditional tooling. Faster to produce and less costly than their metal counterparts, 3D printed tools are lighter, providing easier mobility for workers, and easily customized for the specific task, to streamline production.

Two handles on this 3D printed tool help workers with an automotive spoiler assembly.

Two handles on this 3D printed tool help workers with an automotive spoiler assembly.

“The capability to produce a virtually unlimited range of functional tools in such a short timeframe is unprecedented and enables us to be more experimental and inventive to improve production workflow. ”

Pierre Jenny, Manufacturing Director at Volvo Trucks

Tooling Auto

Composite Tooling

Composite tooling doesn’t have to be costly, cumbersome and take months to fabricate. 3D printed composite tooling is a smart alternative for the competitive auto industry. It’s light, less costly and can be produced in hours. For hollow composite structures, 3D printed sacrificial tooling makes the job easy, producing seamless parts without the need for awkward, complex tools.

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Jigs and Fixtures

Cut production cycle times and get products to market sooner with faster, more agile tool creation. 3D printed jigs, fixtures and assembly aids are produced more quickly, for less cost and with easier customization compared with traditional tooling. Streamline productivity with lightweight, ergonomic, easily transported 3D printed tools.

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