Shorter Design Cycles for Longer Revenue Streams

In a consumer marketplace packed with competition, getting ideas designed, tested, refined and into production first can make all the difference. Prototyping with Stratasys 3D printing solutions can help you realize your vision with faster design cycles and the ability to prototype complex designs in a variety of materials including industry-standard thermoplastics –all while keeping your ideas securely in-house.

Helmet prototypes produced on the F370 3D Printer at the Center for Advanced Design

“The Objet 3D Printer reduces the time required to produce a prototype from 4 days to 1 day. It helps us communicate between remote sites, reduce design mistakes and avoid unstable tooling.”

Andy Chung, Puma

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Center for Advanced Design では、3D プリンティングを使用することで「高速性」を消費者向け製品のプロトタイピングに導入します。